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“Walk in the U.S., Talk on Japan” gains interest in U.S. foreign policy, international relations

On Wednesday, Jan. 24, APSU held a group of presentations called “Walk in the U.S., Talk on Japan” led by former Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki. “I wanted them to get interested in Japan/U.S. relations,” Ambassador Fujisaki said. “Second, I wanted them to know not only about Japan, but China, North ...

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Let’s talk about K-Pop

The Koreas are weird places. From having an undying love for a tyrannical leader who at one point they believed to be immortal, to commonly eating chicken feet and boiled silk worms, the Koreas are a vastly different culture than that of the good ol’ US of A. #Patriotism. But ...

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NKorea clears its military to attack US with nukes

PAJU, South Korea (AP) — North Korea warned Thursday that its military has been cleared to attack the U.S. using “smaller, lighter and diversified” nuclear weapons, while the U.S. said it will strengthen regional protection by deploying a missile defense system to Guam. Despite the intense rhetoric, analysts do not expect ...

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