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Drone Club flies onto the mapping radar

Perhaps there is no place on campus more welcoming to “letting your geek flag fly” than the Geographic Information Systems Center. Inside this somewhat non-descript satellite office, located at the bottom of Forbes Avenue on the corner of Second Avenue, curious folks with a head for trial and error and a ...

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Drone use highlights questions for journalists

MICHAEL MELIA, Associated Press HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — As police responded to a deadly car crash, they noticed an increasingly familiar sight: a remote-controlled aircraft, equipped with a video camera, hovering over the wreckage. The Federal Aviation Administration has opened an investigation of the drone, which was used by an ...

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New military medal unfair to Bronze Star recipients

»Brittany Hickey –Guest Writer Perhaps you’ve heard the hoopla over the military’s recent addition to their awards: The Distinguished Warfare Medal. The medal will be awarded to service members who fly unmanned drones in combat situations, and must achieve something “so exceptional and outstanding as to clearly set the individual ...

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