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Yes, And…

College is a great place to be when you know what you want to do in your life and an even better place to be when you have no clue what the next five years of your life holds. I was given the opportunity to spend a week in Dallas, ...

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What is your version of a joy-filled life? I prefer long drives across the country, glamping, mountain hiking, desert exploring, picture taking, and local food eating. Let’s talk trips, because they are a major key to living your best life. Yassss. Some of the most important trips of your life ...

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Puerto Rico: My Heart’s Devotion

flag of puerto rico

Imagine being in the dark; and, friends, I’m talking pitch black dark. Can’t see one thing in front of you even once your eyes have adjusted to the dark. The image that just popped into your head is exactly what the people of Puerto Rico experienced up until this past ...

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“This is Wavy”


One thing is clear here: college is hard. Not only is it hard, but it is a total change of pace. No matter your year or major, your workload and schedule will never be consistent. It almost feels like hitting a super big wave on a float, so your friends ...

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Why Ya Mad? Fix Ya Face!

Kamea's Corner

We all like to root for people; sports teams, athletes, musicians, anybody who has ever won “The Biggest Loser.” We catch ourselves cheering for Serena when she won a Grand Slam (while she was pregnant!!). We were rooting for Lebron and those Cavaliers to finally win a ring during the ...

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“Coffee Talk” Wakey Wakey! How to be a morning person

Time Management

“Oh god I am late again?” I say over a glance at the clock that sits pretty on my night stand. With sleep still in my eyes I am able to read the numbers 9:17am! “What day is it?” I start to count the days of the week on my ...

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