Two weeks ago, the lights went out on the sidewalk adjacent to Harvill Hall facing the parking lot. The Physical Plant explained the power outage was the result of a bad circuit breaker which has been replaced.

According to David Lemons, director of Physical Plant, “Monthly, a lighting survey is conducted to detect any lights that are not operational. Any site that is not operational is reported and repaired.”

“Early last year,” Lemons said, “a site survey was conducted by an outside agency, Stones River Electric, in conjunction with an Energy Savings initiative by Ameresco, when the university contracts with.

“The site lighting was found adequate except for the north side of the Foy Parking lot. In this initiative, all outside lighting was upgraded to more efficient lighting, and all bulbs were changed or upgraded.”

Despite this, students still complain the campus is not well lit at night, especially after the recent alleged case of attempted rape.

In response to this claim, Lemons said, “The physical plant has not received any complaints regarding site lighting, other than an occasional work order that a light is out.”

“Let your student government representatives know. Let us, Public Safety, know. By all means, shout it from the rooftops,” said Jason Morton, temporary director of Public Safety.

“If there is an area not well lit, we need to know. Public Safety will not stand in the way of that.”

SGA Vice President Luke Collier said the SGA also has not heard complaints about lighting but encourages students to inform the senators of areas that need more light.

Collier said,“The first 10 minutes of each meeting is open for students to share their concerns.” TAS