Guest Writer

Some APSU students are currently unable to access online classes through the link provided by APSU OneStop – causing them to fall behind in the first few weeks of school.

Not knowing why they cannot log into D2L or how to log in directly (rather than through OneStop) many students have missed class work and deadlines.

“When I first start a semester,” said Jamie Salley, a senior sociology major, “I’m always nervous about whether or not I picked the right classes or if I’ve taken on too much at once. When I tried to log into D2L and was unable to for several days, I became even more frustrated.”

The synchronization between OneStop and D2L was disrupted by an upgrade D2L. It can be temporarily fixed if users clear their browser cache or use a different browser, explained Marcy Dickson, Course Management System Manager for APSU’s Center for Extended and Distance Education.

“APSU is the only TBR institution that has this problem to my knowledge,” Dickson said. “Most TBR schools are fully integrated.”

“This one upgrade took us by surprise,” Dickson said.

APSU Provost Tristan Denley said on Friday that he will send an e-mail letting the faculty know about the broken link so they may be aware if students say they have this problem.

“As far as making exceptions (for missed work), I would very much hope [the professors] would,” Denly said, in regard to teachers granting extensions for missed deadlines due to the broken link.

“Hopefully, we can have that resolved very quickly,” Denley said.

Documents have been sent out directing students on how to clean their cache, which may get too full from remembering passwords and websites. Mac users should use Firefox to go online, instead of the default Safari, and PC users should use Internet Explorer, Dickson said.

The Help Desk provides assistance to students who have trouble logging into D2L. Their advice for accessing the online learning system is to type into the browser, which will then bring up a page that allows students to log in directly to D2L.

“We are more than happy to help students,” Dickson said.

The Center for Extended and Distance Education can be reached at 221-7816, and the Help Desk at 221-4357. TAS