With all the snow days that have recently hit the APSU campus, it is strange to think Spring Break is already upon us.

Many students, faculty and staff are more than ready for the needed break and have plans to travel to someplace warm or maybe to just the other side of the state where Gatlinburg awaits.

The Spring Break spot of choice for 2011 seems to be Panama City Beach, Fla., where students are planning some fun in the sun and some much needed relaxation from classes.

Many students have several large groups they have decided to travel with this year and will be caravanning the 8-hour drive to Panama City Beach together.

Senior geosciences major Alex Johansen is one of the students who will be traveling to Panama City this Spring Break. When asked about why he chose Panama City as his vacation destination of choice, Johansen said, “It was close enough to drive to and it’s the beach — what more could you want for a vacation.”

This isn’t Johansen’s first rodeo at Panama City. It will be his second time going to Panama City, but it’s bittersweet because it will be his last Spring Break as an undergrad.

“ While it is my last Spring Break, I wanted to be able to spend it having fun and with my friends I’ve made in college. Panama City is just the place that happens in,” Johansen said.

Johansen is not the only APSU student traveling down to Panama City.

Sophomore Emily Thon is also making the long drive down to the sunny beaches.

Thon said, “I’ve heard Panama City Beach is the place to be on Spring Break. It gets crazy down there and I just need to experience it for myself to know what everyone else is talking about.”

It sounds like Panama City Beach is the Spring Break spot of choice. The underlying reason seems to be that they are going with friends and want to have great times.

However, some students will be staying in Clarksville. Junior psychology major Brianna Velazquez said, “I need to save up money, work, and I want time to just relax and not be on the go. I went to PCB last year and had the college Spring Break experience; it was a lot of fun. I was just not looking to be in that type of environment this year. I am staying home to spend time with my family.”

Whether this Spring Break your travels take you to far away beaches, the mountains of Gatlinburg or the comfort of your own living room, the important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself and surround yourself with the people you most enjoy — friends or family. TAS