By PATRICK ARMSTRONG | Editor in Chief
Samantha Lozano, freshman Sociology and Psychology double major, said to The All State she was allegedly assaulted outside the MUC with a gun on a rainy Friday, Nov. 19, night at 8 p.m. Lt. Carl Little said that there have not been any reports of assault involving a gun over the weekend.

According to Lozano, a white male, 6’- 6’ 3” tall, came up to ask her for the time. She turned around to discover he was carrying a gun.

She put her hands in the air and started to feel in her pockets and purse. “He pulled out a metal object out of my purse. I think it was my harmonica and he put it to my head and said ‘bang,’” Lozano said.

He kept feeling her and rubbed the gun down her spine. He then put it to her heart and said “next time make your wallet more handy.”

“He’s eyes were wild,” Lozano said and thought he was on drugs.

He hit her in the back of her head and she fell down to the ground and broke her glasses. After that, she hit him in the head and he ran off.

“This is campus. We’re not allowed to have mace. Clealy if I had mace that would have helped.”

She went back in the MUC and called campus police. They interviewed her and escorted her to her car. On Monday, Nov. 22, she called the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to give more information and asked for an escort. They said they were busy and didn’t provide an escort.

Since the incident, campus police has not notified campus of the incident. “I want to know why we haven’t been notified about this yet from campus police? Why do I have to notify students? I thought the law was supposed to be helped to a higher standard.”

According to the Student Press Law Center, campuses should be alerted if there is a serious or continued threat to campus. As of press time on Monday, campus police has not notified campus of the alleged incident. TAS