Kaila Sewell | Staff Writer

Once again it’s time for preregistration, advising appointments and staying up at night only to find out Self-Service is running at a snail’s pace, only to find you can’t even get the classes you need because 5,000 other people need that same class, and God forbid APSU open enough seats in the classes everyone needs to graduate.

In fact, due to a scheduling conflict with my job, I am actually having to take classes at Volunteer State Community College to fulfill my requirements. Preregistration is frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve interviewed several students, and in my searching, I even found a former student, Lacie Melton, who would’ve been a junior majoring in nursing this year if she had stayed at APSU.

Instead, Melton left. And although she wasn’t comfortable with me sharing current school arrangements, I will let you know she said registration at her current school was a million times better. There were enough classes for everyone and there was no staying up all night to register because students registered via their advisers, instead of online.

Tiffanie Melton, a sophomore nursing major says she sees no reason for preregistration to be such a hassle. She says there has to be a better way. Yet another student, Jessika Womack, a freshman criminal justice major said preregistration was a pain.

There seems to be an issue with the current advising process. Preregistration is currently terrible because it seems there is no dedicated staff for advising. Instead professors are assigned temporary positions, giving them limited time and resources to meet students’ needs.

I hope APSU is listening, because this is the voice of the students. If you would open up more classes and make them more available to people who work, like myself, everyone would be much happier. TAS