By RAVEN JACKSON | Staff Writer

The spring semester marks a significant milestone for many students at APSU.

For some, the milestone is walking across the stage at graduation in a few months, for others it may be completing their first year of college.

But for 16 senior students majoring in visual art, the time has finally come to do more than just graduate, but to also put their hard work and dedication on display. In the coming months, these students will not only earn their diplomas but will also gain a glimpse into the professional art world by showing their work to the community.

The students are all pursuing bachelors degrees and are currently taking a senior exhibition class, taught by art professor Gregg Schlanger, which requires students to present their work to the public prior to graduation.

Senior Justin Hooper is one of the students set to display work. “I am a little excited to show my work because I can see how other people outside of my classes view my work compared to others,” Hooper said.

The exhibit, which is open to the public, will begin on Monday, March 21, and run through Friday, April 29. The work will be presented in the Trahern Gallery, located in room 108.

Many of the seniors are already getting prepared for life after graduation. “All I have planned is to put out applications until I am able to get a job. Otherwise, I will find a job outside of my major until something pops up,” Hooper said.

For more information on the student art exhibition, contact Schlanger at or call 221-7789. TAS