The SGA Smoking Policy committee presented their conclusion concerning the new smoking policy at the Wednesday, Feb. 23, SGA senate meeting. The motion passed 18-0. The conclusion will then be presented to the University Policy Committee to be either approved or denied. If approved, the conclusion will go to President Timothy Hall for to approve or deny.

The current policy went into effect in 2006 and has not been reviewed since its implementation.

It can be found in the 2010-2011 Student Handbook and Calendar on pages 223 and 224. Because all policies must be reviewed every five years, the committee began reviewing the policy October 2010.

The Committee includes Dean Greg Singleton as adviser, SGA Vice President Luke Collier as chairman and senators Cady Denton, Joe Marler, Kelly Maddox and R.J. Taylor. The committee conducted policy research to come to their final conclusion.

“The Smoking Policy Committee got together with all of the institutions that are similar to us,” Collier said.

“We put together a booklet of policies as a guideline and studied what schools are doing, what they are having problems with, what is going well, etc.”

SGA also took into consideration the feedback from e-mails complaining of people smoking in non-smoking areas. In his presentation to the Senate, Taylor explored the possibilities of eliminating Blount/Sevier parking lot, Trahern and Clement as smoking areas.

In lieu of banning smoking, the Smoking Policy Committee decided on modification, though there will be no changes in enforcement methods.“We are looking for a compromise,” Collier said.

“I think we can’t make everyone on campus happy [but] this policy will be a compromise of convenience for health and safety reasons,” Collier said. TAS