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Should pepper spray be allowed on campus?

I would assume so; it’s personal safety. I mean, especially how many people they have getting raped around campus or on campus. It’s not like people are spraying each other for fun.”
Gabe Hermes, sophomore international business major

I guess. Every woman and man deserves a line of protection. Pepper spraying is not as lethal as any other thing. So, I guess it should be [allowed].”
Jesse Newman, freshman biology major

Yes, because if someone is trying to attack you, you have something to defend yourself with.”
Rebecca Brown, freshman education major

I definitely think so, as self-defense. If someone is getting attacked, pepper spray [the attacker].”
Camille Dao, freshman pre-med/biology major

I do, because we had a rape incident, right? But if that person had pepper spray, she wouldn’t have [been attacked].”
Dajon Porter, freshman biology major

Definitely. I think it’s ridiculous that we are not allowed to because I am not trying to get raped. I need to have a way to defend myself.”
Kelsey Stevens, freshman art education major

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