SGA voted in unanimous support of Sen. Jaden Davidson’s Resolution No. 31, which calls for the installation of additional surveillance cameras at Blount, Sevier and Harvill residence halls, during their meeting on Wednesday, March 15.

Davidson said he authored the legislation in reaction to cases of theft and vandalism outside those halls.

“I figured cameras might help bring that [crime] down,” Davidson said.

Executive Secretary Blaine Gundersen and President Ryan Honea began discussing the technical aspects and requirements of installing such technology on campus. The conversation ended when Vice President Dylan Kellogg reminded SGA that passing legislation such as Davidson’s No. 31 is meant to represent the voice and desires of the students.

“We should remember that your purpose as senators is to pass legislation that benefits the students we represent,” Kellogg said. “The specifics are going to be left to the university…In our scope is to say that we want this done.”

Kellogg gave his support to the legislation after his input.

Sen. Rebecca Jacks said the passage of this legislation was important as SGA lacks significant legislation that focuses on students living on campus.

The legislation received zero votes in opposition.

Senators also voted overwhelmingly in favor of both pieces of legislation proposed by Sen. Duane Kessler.

Kessler’s Resolution No. 29 calls for the alignment of APSU’s academic schedule to with the Montgomery County School system’s to better accommodate nontraditional students with children.

Kessler’s Res. No. 30 calls for the active period for the crosswalk at the intersection of College Street and University Avenue to be extended from 20 to 30 seconds.

“Right now we have nontraditional students who are parents and if their children are in school they don’t get to take spring break at the same time as their kids,” Kessler said.

Kessler also said nontraditional students do not always have child care and may be required to leave their children home alone while they go to class. He said he hopes that this resolution will allow those nontraditional students to spend that week with their children.

Both resolutions received a single vote of opposition.

Honea announced the 2017 Big Event garnered record signups with 667 participants for the giveback event.

Honea also announced that SGA’s nomination for Distinguished Faculty Member was not eligible, and therefore the runner-up nominee, Barry Kitterman, would be submitted.