In the second to last meeting of SGA for the semester, senators introduced eight new pieces of legislation to vote on before the semester ends.

The high influx of legislation is the result of the rule stating all sitting senators must have at least one piece of legislation introduced and voted on each semester to maintain their position. Several senators have waited until the end of the semester to create their required legislation and have only one more meeting to see their legislation voted on.

In order to handle the large volume of resolutions introduced during the meeting, SGA voted to suspend Robert’s Rules of Order to vote on legislation introduced in the same meeting.

Under Robert’s Rules of Order, a body cannot vote on new business during the same meeting it is introduced and must wait until the next meeting to vote on the issue.

Immediately upon entering the New Business phase of the meeting, Sen. Austin McKain motioned to override SGA President Will Roberts’ veto of Sen. Frank Burns’ Resolution No. 11. The resolution was passed in the previous SGA meeting, however it was vetoed shortly thereafter by Roberts. The resolution sought to create a committee to look into creating memorials for the NPHC organizations on campus.

McKain’s motion failed to clear the two-thirds majority needed to override Robert’s veto. Resolution No. 11 cannot be brought up again for the rest of the year, but it can be reintroduced next year in the 71st General Assembly of SGA.

SGA passed five out of the eight new resolutions as well as Sen. Dylan Kellogg’s Act. No. 7 and Act. No. 8.

Kellogg’s Act. No. 7 changes the SGA bylaws by clearly defining attendance rules for Student Tribunal Justices, making them abide by the same rules senators follow. Kellogg’s Act. No. 8 adds an entirely new article to the SGA bylaws.

Entitled Major Events, Article XII is a comprehensive set of rules and definitions about major events all SGA senators, Tribunal Justices and Executive Council members must follow. Primarily, Article XII makes Mudbowl, G.H.O.S.T. and The Big Event mandatory for all SGA members to attend. Absences from these events are added to the member’s number of absences for the semester.

The first resolution passed after suspending Robert’s Rules of Order was Sen. Daisia Frank’s Resolution No. 12. The resolution will have SGA send a formal letter of recommendation to the Office of Housing/Residence Life & Dining Services “suggesting the implementation of recycling bins in every residence hall on campus.”

Sen. Jake Bumpus’ Resolution No. 14 and Sen. Darrin Jones’ Resolution No. 17 both requested the Physical Plant create a sidewalk along Marion Street next to the Intramural Field.

Despite both resolutions passing, SGA will send only one letter of recommendation to the Physical Plant.

Sen. Jordan Kent’s Resolution No. 13 also passed and will recommend Chartwells openly display the nutritional information on all packed food items sold on campus.

SGA passed Sen. Aristeo Ruiz’s Resolution No. 15 which will have SGA send a letter to the Office of Student Transitions “suggesting the implementation of a sexual assault presentation during Govs R.O.W.” in the future.

Ruiz hopes the presentation will demonstrate the importance of sexual assault prevention on campus.

The three new resolutions not discussed and voted on were Resolution No. 16, Resolution No. 18 and Resolution No. 19.

If passed, Jones’ Resolution No. 16 will see SGA sending a letter of recommendation to the Physical Plant requesting repairs to the Honors Commons. The bill hopes to fix the water damage and leaks in the roof of the Honors Commons as well as the faulty air units in order to “create a better location for studying” in the building.

Resolution No. 18, written by Sen. Dominik Shannon, seeks to change the APSU Code of Conduct by banning the use of full coverage masks inside buildings on campus. Shannon sees the use of full coverage masks as security risks and said the masks “instill paranoia for many students, faculty, staff and visitors of APSU.”

If passed, SGA will send a letter of recommendation to the Code of Conduct Committee to institute the change in a timely manner.

Sen. Glenna Beaty’s Resolution No. 19 looks to create a crosswalk on Robb Avenue to connect the sidewalks on either side of the street.

The next meeting of SGA will be on Wednesday, Dec. 2, at 4 p.m. in MUC 307.