The Student Government Association passed Sen. Jay Alvarez’s Resolution No. 6 which formally recommends the creation of unisex bathrooms in buildings on campus and all further construction projects at the SGA meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

Alvarez’s legislation is aimed at helping transgender students become more comfortable during their transition from one gender to another. Alvarez said he created the resolution after a student explained to him about feeling uncomfortable using bathrooms on campus.

President Pro Tempore Dylan Kellogg addressed the senate during debate over Resolution No. 6.

“This is a change that is going to happen on campus, whether we do it today or [in] five years,” Kellogg said. “Will we want the student government sponsoring it first? I’ll leave that up to you.”

Alvarez’s Act No. 4 was narrowly voted down 9-11. Act No. 4 would have created an open forum which all SGA senate candidates would have to attend to remain on the ballot. Alvarez explained the act was to better connect students and candidates in order to create a better informed electorate and reduce “a trend of students being [voted onto SGA] just because of their popularity.”

Kellogg opposed the bill because it makes open forum attendance mandatory. He said the large number of candidates from the College of Arts and Letters and the College of Behavioral and Human Sciences would make the forum too long to hold effectively. Kellogg instead recommended they create the open forum, but make it an optional event for senators.

Sen. Blaine Gundersen’s Resolution No. 7 was passed unanimously and will see the creation of a hammock station in the wooded area behind the Marks building. Gundersen hopes to create more stations in other places on campus depending on the success of the one behind Marks.

Two pieces of legislation were submitted by Sen. Dominic Critchlow.

Resolution No. 8 seeks to lift APSU’s current ban of skateboard and rollerblade on campus due to the long walking times caused by students parking further away. The resolution would open up the use of skateboards and roller blades “for faculty, staff and students” however tricks and reckless use would still be banned.

Critchlow’s Resolution No. 9 would request the implementation of a bicycle rack outside the Ann Ross Bookstore.

The resolution aims to solve the issue of bikes blocking the handicap ramp to the bookstore.

The next meeting of SGA will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 28, at 4 p.m. in MUC 307.