By HANNAH ARIC | Staff Writer
The Student Government Association has proposed and passed their first two legislations of the semester. Senator Joseph Marler and Senator RJ Taylor proposed both legislations.

The first resolution stated the SGA president must take action regarding Senate Acts and Resolutions. Before the resolution, the SGA president had the power to hold off any act or resolution, which means he did not have to act on any legislation.

“The proposed bill just sits and nothing is ever done about it,” Marler said. “[This legislation] is so the president can do something within 10 days. It could help with the senators to follow up on bills better,” he said.

The resolution states the president “must sign or veto Senate Acts and Senate Resolutions and return them by the next meeting. Any presidential veto must be over ruled by a two-thirds vote of the Senate.”

The resolution unanimously passed.

The second resolution requires Senators to meet with their college at least once each semester. The purpose of the SGA, as stated in Article II of the SGA Constitution, is to “connect students to other students, faculty, staff and administration in order to improve the quality of student life and strengthen the APSU community.”

The resolution directly states under Article II Section I, “[Senators] who represent specific colleges, shall be responsible for meeting with the dean of that representative college at least once each semester of their term of office.”

“This doesn’t directly affect APSU, but it will hopefully bring a better relationship between SGA and the Deans of other colleges. This legislation will hopefully promote a more active relationship between faculty and the SGA,” Marler said.

The second resolution passed unanimously. TAS