» By Lauren Cottle

Staff Writer

In an email interview with The All State, Jessi Dillingham, vice president of SGA, spoke about what the upcoming semester will bring.

Rather than focusing on “major campus wide events” such as Mudbowl and GHOST, SGA will be concerned with upcoming elections for the next academic year.

Dillingham said she is “looking forward to seeing senators write more legislation that will have a lasting impact on campus.”

Dillingham expects SGA to be involved with the presidential search committee and looks forward to “seeing more people become involved in the SGA.”

“My main goal for the SGA is that we will become a more noticeable presence on campus,” Dillingham said.

Another goal for Dillingham is “to see senators collect more of their legislation ideas from the student body.”

SGA Chief Justice Kelsey Smith will be in charge of the upcoming elections. TAS