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The self proclaimed “People Magazine’s sexiest man of 2023,” Ross Mathews, graced APSU with his presence. The comedian, who has been in the TV spotlight for 10 years, is from the small town of Mt.Vernon, Wa., where Mathews said one can hear “charming things like

wind chimes and shotguns.” Mathews describes his journey as going from “small town to tinsel town.”

The comedian’s eccentric TV personality is regularly featured on channels such as E! and NBC. But Mathew’s performance focused as much on his previous obstacles as his current success.

Mathews was 10 years old when he decided he would grow up to be a flamboyant TV talk show host. He went from having a TV named Jessica as a best friend to flirting with a girl in college in order to get the number to a “Tonight Show” internship.

Once Mathews got the number, he immediately called and set up an interview. With only a few dollars in his pocket, he bought an olive suit with sleeves that were too short, a hole in the crotch and the aroma of cats to gear up for the interview.

Mathews landed the internship with ease and quickly entered into what he called “show-biz boot camp.” During his internship he worked long, hard hours, fetching lunch and coffee for executives being the hardest part for Mathews.

Being a starving college student picking up all those lunches gave him a case of “blue belly” and led to him, “oops ordering an extra lunch, and oops inhaling it.” He decided if he got arrested for it his prison name would be muffin top.

On the last day of his internship Mathews was called into the top dogs office and was asked to interview alongside George Clooney for the opening of “Ocean’s Eleven.” He readily accepted, but “momma’s most perfect little angel face” was faced with the predicament of wondering if he would be laughed at for who he was.

He had to decide if he should butch up or have faith in who he was. Mathews stayed true to himself and “loved what made him different.”

Since this day, he has led a booming career on shows like “The Tonight Show,” “Chelsea Lately,” host of an Olympic game and E! interviews.

Mathews looked stunning sporting his APSU sweatshirt and brought an amazing message to students. It was a high-energy atmosphere and Mathews brought a true message about a small town boy making it big, and staying true to himself.

“His story was moving, and he is an inspiration to so many,” student Shannon Elizabeth said. She also enjoyed the fact that Mathews supplied the audience with free popcorn.

“I had a wonderful night, the kids were excited and down to laugh,” Mathews said in a personal interview. “I hope everyone accepted the positive message, and I am falling in love with Tennessee.”

Be on the lookout for Mathews’ upcoming talk show and book produced by Chelsea Handler. TASer. TAS