Catherine Weiss | Staff Writer

I wouldn’t call it jealousy when I stroll about campus seeing skinny-minnies in their teeny dresses and Ugg boots. I too, could wear short dresses and Ugg boots if I wanted to be horrifically out of fashion.

These girls seem really small compared to a buxom beauty such as myself. It seems an increasing number of younger girls are staring at these scrawny little things with such envy that they develop chronic stink eye.

American society tells us thin is always in, but when does striving to maintain body image become a problem? Let’s face it ladies, who among us hasn’t been on a diet at some point, if not all the time? Don’t act like you haven’t stood in front of the mirror and poked and prodded at your “monster butt” or “thunder thighs.”

These self-criticisms start early and leave lasting impacts on self esteem and self worth. The South Carolina Department of Health estimates a shocking eight million Americans have an eating disorder, putting the rate right around one in every 200 women (

The numbers reach jaw-dropping levels, indicating 95 percent of these cases are girls between the ages of 12 and 25. Suffering from anorexia and bulimia, along with a myriad of mental disparities like depression and low self esteem, these girls (and sometimes boys) often hide their illness.

Anorexics often avoid social gatherings with food and family holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bulimics will go to these places, binge, and then slip off to the bathroom or another place to purge themselves. It’s not limited to vomiting either. Bulimics will take large doses of laxatives just to even out the scale. Some long-term sufferers die from complications.

In terms of eating disorders, prevention is key. For the love of your deity of choice, ladies, be happy with yourself. I’m not downing the need for self improvement, but if you’re a size 20 and you have big birthing hips, don’t try to diet yourself into a size 0. Be realistic with weight loss goals (an appropriate two pounds a week or less), eat healthy and exercise to feel amazing!

It’s time to take a firm hold of the mirror, stare yourself in your gorgeous sparkling eyes and say it is time to love yourself. It doesn’t matter if society says your boobs are too small, your butt too fat and your love handles too loving. Society can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Research different clothing, cuts, colors and shoes that flatter your body shape. Develop your own fashion style, especially if it excludes any combination of mini skirts, booty shorts and those awful Ugg boots. Wear clothes in your size that are comfortable and don’t care about the sizing tag.

Don the most absolutely drop-dead sexy underwear and bras American money can buy. Victoria’s little secret just went public. Even if no one sees them, you know while walking across campus that your lady lumps are cloaked in lacy hotness. It’s about love, ladies; love your body, love your personality, love yourself. TAS