By MARLON SCOTT | Staff Writer
The intensity continues to build in The All State fantasy league as another week passes and the playoffs loom on the horizon. All the bye weeks are done and the trade deadline has passed. Injuries at this point will make or break a team. Everyone is watching the waiver wire for last second steals and second-guessing starting rosters.
Clearly, some of the managers are handling the pressure better than others.


Coming into week 11, David Scherer had won his last matchup and was still the leader at 7-3, two games ahead of the pack.
Following Scherer was Anthony Shingler, Marlon Scott and Joe Mills sitting in the 2, 3 and 4 spots respectively. All three were tied at 5-5.
Meanwhile Robinson Robinson and David Davenport rounded out the bottom, both at 4-6.

Week 11 match ups

Because of Mills’ choice not to start quarterback Michael Vick in his week 11 match up against Robinson, Scherer changed his team name to, “Joe Mills= Goofy Old Man.”

“How can you not start Michael Vick? I predict a loss for you this week sir,” Scherer said.

“I just didn’t like the match up. Rolling the dice baby,” Mills said.

Unfortunately, Mills’ dice came up snake eyes. As of press time, Monday, Nov. 22, Robinson had a four-point lead with one player yet to play in the Monday game, while Mills’ last player was still playing Sunday, Nov. 21.

“Too much Peyton and Turner at the end of the game. See you in the playoffs,” Mills said.

It appeared Scott was going to win his third game in a row against Davenport in a close game.

In addition, Scott was rubbing his hands together greedily because Shingler and Scherer, the two guys ahead of him had to play each other this week.

“The two chumps ahead of me are battling this week. Whoever loses gets me closer to the top,” Scott said. “It’s a win-win situation for me since I will be taking down Davenport for my third win in a row. You were all warned it was only a matter of time before I rose to the top. Bear witness and feel free to applaud.”

Shingler scored a monstrous 169.04 points, the most in the league so far this season, easily defeating Scherer.

The win brings both Shingler and Scott within one game of the top spot.

Will Scherer hold on to the number one slot and earn a bye in the first week of the playoffs? If so, who will earn the other bye at number two, Shingler or Scott?

Everyone still has a shot at the championship. TAS