By MARLON SCOTT | Senior Staff Writer
With only one week remaining before the playoffs in The All State fantasy football league, the reigning king has been dethroned and the epic battle for the two bye week spots has gotten even tighter.

Although having the bye in the first round of the playoffs gives a distinct advantage, no one is eliminated from the playoffs and everyone has prove they can be beaten.

Pride and bragging rights are on the line. Who is going to step up and become the new Fantasy king for this season?


Coming into week 12, David Scherer and his renamed team, JoeMills=GoofyOldMan, held a one game lead (7-4) over both Anthony Shingler and Marlon Scott, who were tied at 6-5.

Only two games behind, Devon Robinson and Joe Mills had the fourth and fifth spots at 5-6. After losing three in a row,

David Davenport and his team, Hut One Hut Two, is sitting at the bottom, one of three teams below .500 at 4-7.

Match ups

For the third time, Scherer faced off against Davenport. The two had split the previous two games, winning one a piece. This one not only would decide who owned who but also had the potential to knock Scherer out of the number one spot he has held for most of the season.

As of press time, Monday, Nov. 29, Davenport made Scherer cry with a 106.48-70.74 lead. Scherer got no help from running back Chris Johnson or wide receiver Dez Bryant. His only hope is the tight end Vernon Davis to score over 30 points.

Unlike Scherer, thanks to massive points generated by wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and running back Arian Foster, Scott took down Mills for his fourth win in a row. Scott warned Mills in advance about the outcome.

“Don’t take this beating personally, Joe. It’s just business,” Scott said.

“I got your business. Bring it, Koolfillers,” Mills said.

The victory over Mills will be even sweeter with Scherer’s loss because the two will be tied.

However, they won’t be the only ones at 7-5, since Shingler handled his business and beat Robinson’s The G.O.O.D. team for the second time this season. Running back Peyton Hillis made the difference for Shingler’s team.

The loss keeps Robinson and Mills in their same spots, tied at 5-7.

Meanwhile, the only thing separating the top three teams at 7-5 is point totals. With one week left, Shingler will have the top spot, Scherer at number two and Scott at number three.

A loss in the last week by any of the top three teams will determine who gets the first round playoff bye weeks. Neither Scherer, Shingler nor Scott will face each other in week 13.

It’s up to the three teams below .500 to play spoiler and maybe gain some momentum heading into the playoffs where the eliminations begin. TAS