The annual Governators Competition brought out a big crowd to the intramural field on Wednesday, Oct. 22 during APSU’s homecoming week, with the ROTC team walking away with first place.

The weather was perfect and spirits were high with APSU student organizations, fraternities and sororities gathering for friendly competition in events such as the Strongman, Frisbee Toss, Relay Race and Tug-Of-War.

The overall winners of the competition were divided into three divisions: men’s, women’s and co-ed. For the men’s division, Pi Kappa Alpha won overall. For the women’s division, Alpha Omicron Pi took home the trophy. For the co-ed division, APSU ROTC won overall.

The first competition was the Strongman, which involved push-ups, a weight run and a weight hold. For the men’s category, Fiji came out with the win. Chi Omega won in the women’s category and ROTC won in the Co-Ed division.

The Frisbee Toss required some skillful aiming with three attempts to land a Frisbee inside of a circled target. The pressure grew as the crowd closed in and the wind began to pick up. Alpha Omicron Pi showed their skills and placed first in the women’s category. ROTC won the Co-Ed, and Pike picked up the win for the men’s category.

Next up was the Relay Races. The races involved sprints and leap frog as the teams went down the course and back to finish. All three divisions provided some intense races that went down to the wire. The Baptist Collegiate Ministries organization was able to squeeze by ROTC to win the Co-Ed division. Chi Omega had the most dominant performance in the women’s division, as they showed they could really cover some ground and flew by the competition. The men’s competition was neck and neck at the finish line, but it was Pike that rallied from behind to walk away with the win.

Next it was time for the main event, Tug-Of-War. The Co-Ed division started it off, with BCM pulling their way to victory over ROTC. For the women’s division, it was a final showdown between the Women to Women team and Alpha Delta Pi. After a minor standstill, Women to Women over powered and pulled away for the victory. The men’s competition provided many close battles. Alpha Tau Omega fought hard to eliminate Sigma Phi Epsilon and advance to the championship. Pike had almost finished Fiji, but just before the rope crossed the line, Fiji mustered up a dramatic comeback and pulled away for the win to advance. ATO then took on Fiji for the final in a championship worthy battle. ATO proved to have more in the tank as they walked away as Tug-Of-War champs.