This is pretty surreal. A little over four years ago, I was just starting my college career, not knowing my life’s direction or how APSU was going to play out for me. After scouring every direction, I found a few homes and whole lot of friends to call mine.

I’m going to miss walking down APSU’s narrow paths blasting what ever I’m into that for that moment. From Radiohead to Kanye West, it wouldn’t be a surprise for you to hear every word I’m listening to.

APSU students and Clarksville natives usually talk about how boring Clarksville is and how there is never anything to do. I’ve found You have to make things work for you.

Life is exactly how you want it to be. Believe me, I once thought the same things about Clarksville. I still have some of those days, but I believe that’s all a part of my own doing.

While at APSU, I made sure I found every club that peaked my interest and at the very least, gave it a shot. While doing so, I’ve met some of the most interesting people and The All State.

I don’t know if journalism was my calling, but I do believe this organization was the place for me. While covering and designing for the best section (psst, don’t tell anybody), I met lifetime friends I know I will keep up with until very end.

My road dogs, Marlon Scott and Anthony Shingler, have been there for me on and off the paper. I couldn’t thank them enough for how much they’ve contributed to my success as a colleague or friend. I know they’ll succeed in the next path they choose. They are that good.

It’s funny that I’m writing in the Perspectives section for my final piece. This is the section that made me come down to TAS to shake the hand of my now academic mentor and former editor-in-chief, Kasey Henricks. His intellectual guidance has been an aid and constant referral during my college career.

Last, but not least, I would not miss mentioning my brother, Patrick Armstrong. Sometimes, he doesn’t know what he’s worth to me, but he’s been a reminder of who I am and one of the reasons I’m still doing this. The guy is a star and not a lot of people know it.
With that, I bid you Governors, farewell. As much as whine, I do love this school and I want you guys to make this school, “big.” TAS