Catherine Weiss

Staff Writer

Abortion is always a heated subject. With opposing sides unwilling to budge this hot issue, we find ourselves truly in the line of danger. As a college student, I rarely involve myself in politics unless absolutely necessary, and I often don’t have time to watch hours of C-SPAN. However, I am obligated to bring you news as it affects you.

Last semester I wrote an article about my personal experience with rape. I had many people come up to me afterward and share their story with me. I found out quickly that even close friends had taken a walk in my shoes. I learned earlier this month an abortion bill introduced by New Jersey U.S. Representative Chris Smith (R), and backed by an astonishing 173 House members, has a provision that will redefine the conventional definition of rape.

According to H.R.3, an extension of the Hyde Amendment, which only allows taxpayer dollars to be used for abortions in the case of rape, incest or danger of maternal death. It will change the definition of rape to only include forcible rape (

This bill will completely void date rape, drug-induced rape, and statutory rape. If a woman is drugged or raped and has no bruises or signs of an altercation, she will not be defined as a rape victim.

If this bill is passed, a rapist will essentially have to beat the defiance out of the victim in order for taxpayer funds to aid the victim. Online petitions are circulating, especially at, which is at the forefront of peoples’ opposition of this bill.

I plead to all of you, dear readers, to sign a petition, tell your friends, write your state representative and do anything and everything it takes to bring down this bill. If you live in Clarksville, you can write Representative Joe Pitts (, and ask him to consider you, your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter or sister when he votes on this bill.

Many will dismiss this article and simply assume something as devastating as rape will never happen to them or their loved ones, but with statistics showing one out of every six women will be the victim of an attempted or completed rape (, the threat is very real. TAS