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Professor achieves multiple counts of success

By RAVEN JACKSON | Staff Writer

One inspiring professor at APSU has accomplished many memorable successes in the past few years. Gregg Steinberg, associate professor of Health and Human Performance, has become a household name in the sports arena.

Steinberg speaks around the world giving his perspective and expertise on human performance and sports Psychology.

He became interested in sports psychology after growing up playing tennis and ultimately realizing the best players were the most mentally tough.

Steinberg has authored various books. “Full Throttle, is a guide to increase performance at work; “Flying Lessons, is a book that offers tips for youth to gain confidence and skill and “Mental Rules for Golf” discusses methods to play the game well under pressure.

There will be more books hitting the shelves soon.

“I plan on publishing as many books as Tiger Woods has majors. My next book is called ‘Finding your Prime,”’ Steinberg said.

Recently, a notable magazine took notice of Steinberg’s tremendous ability to delve into what happens within the realm of sports.

The March 2011 issue of Men’s Health Magazine will feature Steinberg’s knowledge. “[It’s] always nice to be asked for your expertise,” Steinberg said.

Steinberg also appeared on “Dancing with the Stars,” to speak on mental toughness, and calls it the “Wow” moment of his career so far.

He was also a sports Psychology commentator for Fox News during the 2008 Olympics and has written a newspaper column “The Head Coach,” for The Tennessean.

He can frequently be seen on CNN and the Golf Channel.

Steinberg has been a part of the APSU faculty for over 10 years and enjoys teaching and interacting with students. When asked if he ever imagined he would be as successful as he is today, Steinberg states, “the best is yet to come.” TAS

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