“I know many of you are concerned, as I am, about the threatening letter the university became aware of yesterday, written by a former student, Mr. Cliff Richard Guthrie. We are actively cooperating with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), which is overseeing the investigation into this matter and we will communicate additional information about that investigation as permitted by TBI. At present, the former student in question has been barred from entering campus, and university police have been instructed to enforce a criminal trespass warning now in effect against him. We have previously communicated the name and photograph of Mr. Guthrie to university students, faculty, and staff so they can be on the lookout for this former student. Again, if you become aware that the individual in question is on university property — at any of our campuses — I urge you to contact immediately the University Police department  (931-221-7786) so our officers can take appropriate action to protect the members of the university community.”

President Tim Hall