Maybe I’ve never noticed this until recently, or maybe this is, as I suspect, a recent trend in politics; but politicians these days are not governing. Every time I turn on the news to watch the latest disappointment or conjure a new idea for another article, I view more politicking than policy making.

Today, politicians have lost the ability to govern wisely because they are so consumed with politicking and campaigning. So, what is the job of a politician? I won’t bore you with a Webster definition of what a politician is. In its rawest form, a politician is a supervisor and adviser.

They oversee the functioning of government aspects such as taxes, safety, military, education and health care. They also advise and make decisions on new policies and social issues.

Often, politicians feel it is not only their job but also their obligation to intervene in every social issue. Many simple policies could be issued and made into law (or removed from law) if some politicians would set aside their egos and personal agendas for the betterment of the people they are suppose to serve.

Throughout history, careers have come and gone. New advantages have made some jobs obsolete and others have replaced them. Are politicians still needed?

In a time when people are regularly educated and the population is mostly literate, can’t we govern ourselves? Though our society will still have a need for some governance and someone to maintain order, who needs to have all these outdated politicians?

Politicians abuse their pay. Hundreds of thousands of people are currently unemployed, yet politicians continually get paid thousands of dollars to sit around and debate. And it isn’t that politicians hold one of the highest paid jobs; they just don’t have to pay for many of their expenses. The taxpayers pay for those. The very existence of such a job is immoral.

Many politicians don’t even argue well; they only endlessly debate using unreasonable and foolish statements. Politicians are way overpaid for zero production. A clear example of someone who needs to get out of politics and go back to looking for Russia from her house is Sarah Palin.

Former vice presidential candidate Palin knows as much about politics as a sea slug. Her constant appearance in the media proves time and time again that she is too ignorant to know politics. Take her confusion between the U.S. ally, South Korea, and its enemy, North Korea. Granted, all people make mistakes, yet a politician should never confuse allies and enemies and should always think before speaking. I doubt Palin thinks at all. She needs to step down from politics and get back to pretending to be a “momma Grizzly bear.”

Politicians need to get back to their jobs of governing and helping the people and away from the constant media appearances. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who are not.” TAS