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Alumni of the Eta Tau Chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (PIKE) plan to re-colonize by Spring 2014 after their chapter was closed in January 2010 due to an accumulation of $7,286.12 in debt to the national headquarters.

Gregory Parker, media contact for the Eta Tau Alumni Association, explained the reason for the debt as “a numbers game.”

“House numbers got so small and the debt was getting too big. They are good guys; there are not enough of them,” Parker said.

To re-colonize means before the Eta Tau chapter can re-establish, they must go through a trial period to make sure national standards are upheld. “Then they can be established as a PIKE. Nothing is guaranteed, everything is earned,” said President of the Eta Tau Alumni Association, Luke Yaeger.

Forty years worth of alumni are backing the re-colonization by forming committees to raise money and organize. “The alumni are ready and active. We’ve been running and gunning ever since,” said Bill Gregoricus, first president of the fraternity before it became a chapter.

Contrary to rumors, the Eta Tau Chapter was not suspended by the national organization in January 2010. The alumni closed the chapter themselves with the full intention of re-colonization.

“Closing the chapter was a strategic decision that the [Eta Tau] Alumni Association made. We decided that a temporary discontinuance of operations was in the best long term interest,” Yaeger said.

“It’s good to have a lay-off. It gets rid of the stigmas. [It’s] a fresh start,” Parker said. “Even though we are silent, we are not dead.”

“[We want to] silence [the rumor], reorganize, and come back strong,” the first president of the established Eta Tau Chapter, Tom Mik said. TAS