» By ASHLEY SCHMIDT – aschmidt2@my.apsu.edu

The Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, also known as Fiji, has come to APSU’s campus looking to recruit men to become the founding fathers of their new colony at APSU.

After choosing APSU as the site for their newest colony, Phi Gamma Delta went through an interview process where they had to demonstrate to APSU and its Greek Life officials what they could bring to campus that wasn’t already available to students. After working with APSU staff for the better part of a year, Fiji was finally able to begin their recruiting process on campus.

While Phi Gamma Delta hasn’t come to campus to completely change the way already established fraternities operate as a whole, they have come to inspire all members of Greek life to go against what being Greek is sometimes perceived as and work towards what being Greek should mean. “Because in the end we are all still Greek,” said Gabe Camut, Phi Gamma Delta representative referring to current Greek Life on campus.

“The current Greek organizations on campus have been supportive and friendly during the process,” said Adam Thomas, Phi Gamma Delta representative. This can be seen around campus with sororities chalking sidewalks helping spread the word about the new fraternity.

While offering opportunities for college students, Phi Gamma Delta adheres to a nonhazing policy which seeks to maximize the college experience of its members through academic assistance, leadership development, community service and gentlemanly conduct. With a primary emphasis placed on scholarship, the development of the individual, the fraternity seeks to compliment the mission of APSU.

To help emphasize the importance of academics, Phi Gamma Delta is providing numerous academic-based scholarships to benefit students. All men joining Phi Gamma Delta who achieve at least a 3.0 GPA during their initial semester will receive a $250 Academic Achievement Award. During this semester, Phi Gamma Delta will also offer up to $1,000 in scholarships to APSU men of all classes through its White Star Scholarships.

Working with its members to help facilitate academic success, Fiji also feels it is important to give back. Their national philanthropic associations are the American Red Cross and United Service Organizations, which is a private, nonprofit organization that provides morale and recreational services to members of the U.S. military. Fiji also encourage individual chapters to help support any service organizations they want.

With all the opportunities Phi Gamma Delta is bringing to campus some students like Alpha Delta Phi’s Jordan Swift feel, “they will set a new tone and bring something a little different to the table” and hopefully encourage new students who have never considered joining a fraternity to look a little deeper into what being in a fraternity is all about.

Student, Rene Ramirez, who has never considered joining a fraternity before said, “being given the chance to start a fraternity and having the ability to make it run the way you feel it should be run is a great opportunity.”

Founded in 1848 at Jefferson College, now Washington & Jefferson College, in Canonsburg, Pa., Fiji has grown to more than 169,000 initiated brothers since 1848, and currently has over 8,000 undergraduate members in 120 chapters and 20 Delta Colonies throughout the United States and Canada.

Students who are interested in becoming Founding Fathers of Phi Gamma Delta should contact Field Secretary Adam Thomas, often found at Einstein’s during the day.

They can also be found online with keyword Austin Peay Fiji, by phone at (910) 988-7438 or by email at athomas@phigam.org. Further information is also available on the fraternity’s website at www.phigam.org. TAS