Kaila Sewell | Staff Writer

University life for young students means a time to expand their knowledge, meet new and exciting people and develop the necessary skills to excel in an ever increasing competitive job market.

While a college degree is the ultimate goal for those pursuing a higher level of education, many students look to make the most of their college experience. This experience may include parties, relationships and, at times, alcohol. However, some colleges, including APSU, have policies prohibiting alcohol on its campus.

This certainly brings about a debate between those who believe students can handle alcoholic beverages in a lawful manner and the institution’s responsibility to maintain safe and orderly school grounds.

According to the APSU Handbook of Policies and Procedures, “It is the policy of this institution that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, acquisition, possession, or use of alcohol and illegal drugs on the APSU campus, on property owned or controlled by APSU, or as part of any activity of APSU is strictly prohibited.”

Was there a single student who was consulted in the creation of this policy? Was there even a single person who lived on campus that was consulted? I live 45 minutes away in the safety of my own home, and don’t know anything past what I am told about what happens on campus. What I’ve heard has lead me to believe the “party” scene at APSU isn’t at all lacking.

Honestly, I think the policy is ridiculous. While I realize it is probably in the best interest of the students, there is something lacking in the honesty of this statement. Alcohol, just like various other substances, is readily available to anyone and everyone who wishes to obtain it regardless of whether or not a person is on campus.

The only difference between a dry campus and a wet campus, as far as I can tell, is the students have to find a way to sneak alcoholic beverages into their dorms. This is evident by the growing number of alcohol related violations reported by campus police. There were eight reported cases of underage drinking, purchase of alcohol and possession of alcohol since Friday, Dec. 3, 2010.

The students should be allowed to have alcohol, but not in the dorms. Alcohol should be sold at games. There are thousands of dollars to be made from the sale of alcohol on campus. I realize APSU would like to maintain a family friendly image, but with regulation and accountability, the transition from a dry campus to a wet one would have its benefits.

The money could go towards scholarships or the improvement of buildings. A two drink policy could be instituted as well. Regardless, there is a way to make the policy match the needs of the students. There are ways to make sure everyone gets what they want in this situation, and even make a little money in the process. TAS