By HANNAH ARIC | Staff Writer

Michael Hamlet is the new Human Resources director at APSU. Hamlet was first the associate Human Resource director at Tennessee State University and was there for over thee years. Prior to that he was the director of employee benefits at the Tennessee Board of Regents and worked there for a little over three years.

“It was a really good experience [to work with TBR]. I got to work with all of the universities, community colleges and technology centers in the system”. He also said, “it was interesting seeing the broad range of issues that occur on the campuses and how even though we all work under a common set of HR policies and procedures those all take a slightly different position on the campuses.”

Hamlet has lived in Clarksville for over 10 years, and he is no stranger to the things APSU brings to the community. He said he was very excited when he found out he was the new human resources director. “I think APSU is a great campus. I have been a part of this community for a long time.”

“It was very exciting to me to move back to the community I consider my home.” Hamlet is very dedicated to working here at APSU. “I hope to bring an open ear, and want human resources to be a part of problem solving here on campus and helping to move the campus forward.”

There were many issues that were addressed to Hamlet, such as promotion and overtime. “One way we can go about fixing things are through communication. I have meetings with the Staff Senate and the Faculty Senate and that’s where I want to begin. I want to hear from the campus”.

So far there have been plenty of feedback. “I want to see what the concerns are and what the history has been from various perspectives.”

Once Hamlet has started that line of communication, he hopes to work with APSU to find solutions that work for everyone. “We won’t be able to address, every single person and every single concern, but we can find something that works the best for everyone”.

By becoming a member of APSU, Hamlet hopes to become part of the community and the family here. “I already feel a connection to the campus and I know that this is a wonderful environment, where people work together, and I hope to become a part of that.” TAS