On August 8, 2023, mass destruction set in on the Big Island of Hawaii, known as Maui. Hurricane Dora blew strong gusts of wind which mixed with the dry weather that Hawaii was experiencing and caused fire weather. Hurricane Dora did not stop there; it blew the fire and caused more damage to the island. Many lost their lives and many more have fled. Some made it safely to Oahu, the island that has the state’s capital, Honolulu. By coming to Honolulu, they do not have clothes, nor do they know where their next meal is coming from.

Here is how you can help: Austin Peay PELP and Honors students will be offering a time for students to bring donation items to the Honors Commons. These items will be sent to a church in Honolulu so they can distribute to those in need. Items will be taken to those who lost everything or those in need of specific items. This drive will benefit many people who are going through a horrible natural disaster. As college students, we cannot physically help clean up all the damage the fire caused, but we can come together and help a community that is struggling.

From September 18th through November 17th, PELP and Honors will be hosting a donation drive. Donation items include canned food (including spam), clean clothes, pillows, and blankets. Gift cards are welcome too. The donations box will be placed inside the first two doors of the Honors Commons, located in the building across from the UC Plaza labelled the Honors Commons. This drive is open to all students. As the PELP and Honors advisor, Dr. Winters says, “Leaders show up.” Austin Peay is a loving campus; so let’s send Maui some of that love by showing up and donating items.