By RAVEN JACKSON | Staff Writer

Right across from the Roxy Theatre sits Visions Metaphysical Boutique. The small, inviting shop holds many treasures for guests. “All that metaphysical really means is beyond the physical, it’s spiritual,” said Linda Cain, owner. “We deal with holistic techniques, healing.”

Holistic healing is an alternative method of healing that focuses on balancing mind, body and spirit. One alternate method Cain is familiar with is Reiki.

“[Reiki] is a universal energy,” Cain said. “It balances the entire body, mind and spirit. It helps with things like depression, stress, anxiety [and] pain. Just about anything you can think of you can give Reiki to.” Cain transmits Reiki’s energy through her hands.

Cain also performs angel readings. “I am calling your guides and angels to come forward to talk to my guides and angels to basically give me the information you’re asking about and probably already know but maybe need validation for,” Cain said.

“When I do an angel reading and I make that connection between your angels and mine, I get a warmth that comes through me. It’s peace,” Cain said. “I hold your hands through the whole reading. And then when I’m done, I have you draw some of my cards and that will give [you] extra messages.”

Cain’s boutique has a variety of Reiki charged candles and crystals available for purchase. “Crystals are like people; they all have a unique personality, so to speak. Whichever [crystal] you are drawn to is matching your vibration and that’s one you should have.”

Around five years ago, Cain went to a conference of someone in the field she admired. During the conference, guests were given the task of asking Archangel Michael what their purpose was. “When I put the question to Archangel Michael, my answer was that I was to open a place where I could make and sell my beautiful things, and teach other people how to learn about their spirituality.”

This, combined with Cain’s childhood desire to open her own boutique, inspired the creation of Visions. “[For] people that are just learning about their own spirituality or they want to learn how to meditate, this is a really good place to come for that. ”

Visions Metaphysical Boutique is located on 101 Franklin St. and is closed on Sundays and Mondays, but open from 10 p.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. For a short while on Thursdays, the shop will stay open until 7 p.m. For more information call (931) 378-7576. TAS