Presently, thousands of Austin Peay State University students have either moved in or are preparing to move into dorms and apartments all over downtown Clarksville

With the new student housing directly across from the center of campus many students may wonder if this new living experience lives up to the much anticipated hype it built up over the year it took to construct.

There is ongoing significant comparison being drawn between available housing options for students involving factors like walking distance to campus, cost of living and excess amenities. To students who were not satisfied with current living situations Main 608 seems to be the answer to all their problems.

LC Rogers, Emmitt Thomas, Jekeithra Cokley and Jelesa Cokley, 4 seniors at APSU and new residents of downtown Clarksville’s newest attraction took time to disclose the pros and cons of their newfound residency.

There was much parallelism amongst both groups of sentiments expressed about the apartments. Besides a few minor incidents consisting of drain issues and kitchen appliances there was no ill feeling expressed toward the property owners or its maintenance team.

Rogers and Thomas expressed intent to make much use of the apartment gym whilst the Cokely twins look forward to utilizing their full kitchen for home-cooked meals.

Coincidentally, all parties interviewed were new to the off-campus living experience. When asked how they would improve resident life on campus and they listed things like full size beds, better food choices and more available washer/dryer compatibility.

The factors that make the difference all seem to be centered around convenience and overall satisfaction among residents.

In comparison to on campus living arrangements, Main 608 and other popular student living options such as the Verge and University Landings have begun to upstage many residence halls on campus in terms of amenities and furnishings with a close range of similar costs of living.

The most valuable quality that off campus residency offers is the privacy factor that students cannot find in some dorms on campus. The blueprint for most dorms includes 2 occupants per room and 2-4 persons sharing a bathroom whereas off-campus housing promises 1 bedroom and bathroom per occupant.

In deciding where to live as an incoming APSU student, the smallest differences in preference can make all the difference but Main 608 seems to be a promising contender for a highly competitive student market and has made an outstanding impression on present and potential residents.