By JENELLE GREWELL | Managing Editor

The library has experienced both aesthetic and functional remodels this past semester.

Joe Weber, director of Library Services, said over the winter break the library was repainted and carpeted and over spring break all the new library furniture, tables and chairs were added.

Weber said study areas were added for up to eight people as well as some for two and some for students studying by themselves.

Over winter break, Weber said, the restrooms on the main floor were remodeled and remodels to the other restrooms are being planned. The restrooms received new tile, furnishings, sinks, toilets, dividers and doors.

Ariel Campbell, junior Biology major, said she feels as if the new desks for the computers are smaller than before. “They are cute desks, but I don’t remember not having so much room before,” Campbell said.

Hyunjyn Yon, senior English major, said she agrees with Campbell. “I feel that there is no room for putting stuff on desk with the computer.” She said she also notices some computers do not work.

Campbell said she likes the absence of the walls between the computers. “I feel it is easier to talk to other people.”

“Positive feedback [we have received] is that it looks a lot nicer in here and a lot more inviting,” Weber said.

Yon said she feels as if the colors are brighter than before.

Weber said there are plans to put a Starbucks in the library because all of the companies bidding for the Dining Services contract are offering to work with Starbucks.

“I think that [offering Starbucks] is a good service we can offer students even though the MUC is right across the quad,” Weber said. “We are open longer hours than Einstein’s are and we are hoping a coffee shop will be open closer to our hours. Plus, if you are here in the evenings you really don’t want to run across to Einstein’s to get a cup of coffee and come back here.”

Yon said she always wondered why there was not a Starbucks in the school’s library. “I [am] an exchange student and in every library we have [a] Starbucks.”

Weber said he has also heard from students and library staff that it is quieter. “I think this is because even though you are still close together when working on computers, when you are sitting at a table there is more space and [there are] barricades between the space.”

Weber said some negative feedback he has received has nothing to do with the remodeling.

The wireless printer seems to have some issues and there is trouble with the software.

When the issues are fixed with the printer, it will be moved back to the middle of the floor.

Weber said another change is the big carols that were used for the quiet zone in the back corner of the main floor have replaced the old carols in the basement.

Ten other carols were added and all the carols are close to electrical outlets.

“So any students who are looking for a quieter place from the dull roar that is usually going on on the main floor can find a place downstairs.”

Weber said the metal structures underneath the new desks are meant to hold the computer.

He said since the structures were back ordered they were not installed in time to move the computers to them before students came back from spring break.

“We decided to just [move the computers to the structures] at the end of the semester,” Weber said.

He said the structures swivel so the computers can move to help reach USB ports and for the comfort of the user.

Campbell said she uses the computer holders under the desk as a footrest because she does not know what it is. “If you put your feet on them they will break,” Weber said.

Another complaint Weber has heard people say is that there are fewer tables. “The tables are bigger and some of the tables seat eight people.”

Weber said one student may sit at an eight-person table and other students may feel uncomfortable also sitting at the table.

He said before the changes there were about 30 tables and now there are about 20 tables, but the seating amount is the same. TAS