Many APSU students enjoy playing a variety of sports. Although most of the student population does not play for the APSU organized sports teams, there are ways to find a high level of competition, organization and structure with intramural sports.

The leagues offered include basketball, racquetball, outdoor soccer, softball and tennis. The tournaments and individual events offered include table tennis, billiards, badminton, four-on-four flag football and kickball. APSU faculty, staff, alumni, students and patrons who have access to the Foy center are eligible to play.

The basketball and soccer leagues are $30 per team. Softball is $20 per team, four-on-four flag football is $15 per team, kickball is $10 per team and everything else is $5 per person. Fort Campbell campus students must also pay the student access fee that isn’t on Fort Campbell, but is charged on the main campus. To sign up for intramural sports, visit APSU One Stop.

Jonathan Higdon, coordinator of intramural sports, said, “we play a regular season in sports that is designated as a league, and at the end we have playoffs. Our other events such as table tennis and billiards have one day tournaments that are held on either a Friday or Saturday.”

A high degree of competition can be found within the basketball and flag football leagues. Higdon said, “these are the most popular.” For the leagues students can come with their own team and sign up, or they can come by themselves using the free agent system. Using this system, captains view a student’s information then decide their team members based on this information.

The indoor games are played in the Foy, the outdoor events are played at the intramural field, and the billiards tournaments are held at the lobby of the UC. Winners of the tournaments, and playoffs receive championship T-shirts and the rights to claim that they are number one at APSU in their sport.

No matter what sport, from basketball, soccer, football, table tennis, billiards or any of the other intramural sports, this is guaranteed to be exciting. TAS