>>By Sabrina Nicole Hamilton, Staff Writer

For our second APSU tattoo feature, we spoke to sophomore art major Andrea Bender.

Bender has only one tattoo, but it’s a significant work of art with a meaning to Bender beyond its central image.

On the inside of her right wrist, Andrea bears a multicolored image of a swirling sun accented with a centered ankh.

The ankh is an Egyptian symbol for the key of life, or the key of the Nile.

However, Bender said her tattoo is reminiscent of the tattoos her mother and father have combined into a singular image of her own.

Bender said she wanted to wait until she had an important idea for her first tattoo.

Bender said she has a second tattoo design in mind, but “doesn’t want to rush in”.

Bender’s regret is that she rushed into her first tattoo and was in some pain after the experience, but she said now she wouldn’t change a thing.

“Tattoos are addictive for some people, but not for me,” Bender said. “I don’t feel tattoos are addictive because I feel like every tattoo you get should have a deep meaning, and right now in life, my deepest connection is with my parents. As my life goes on, as I get married, have children, etc, I may add more, but I want them to have as deep a meaning as my first.” TAS