I do have class on Wednesday, but luckily I have Thanksgiving at home, which is only 20 minutes away. Normally, I would be going to Mississippi, but because of work, I actually have to stay here for Thanksgiving.”
Nakita Meeks, junior public relations major

It really doesn’t affect me that much. The only problem I had with it was that my grandmother has to travel here to pick me up. But since I do have a late class, a class that’s around the afternoon, she pretty much has to pick me up at a later time and it does kind of conflict with it somewhat because I really can’t afford to miss any of my class.”
George Edwards, junior computer science major

It’s very, very stupid to have class on Wednesday because students won’t show up to class. I guarantee it.”
Eunwoo Lee, freshman undecided

Having classes on Wednesday just takes away from family time because I have to travel all the way back to Maryland, which is sixteen hours away. If I only had classes on Monday and Tuesday then I would have more time to travel home and spend time with family.”
Kirstian Caulley, sophomore special education major

I don’t get to go home as soon to see my dad. He just got back from Colorado; he’s in the military. I just have to wait until after my class on Wednesday to get to go and see him.”
Kasey Panczer, sophomore business major