The inmates were running the asylum at the Hand Village lobby Thursday night, when the resident staff converted it into this years Haunted Hand. For the past few years the staff has turned the lobby into a make shift haunted house.

“We started working on the idea for this year’s Haunted Hand starting at the beginning of the semester and it is something of a tradition now as it has been going on for four years now,” sophomore history major Nicholas Own said.

Approaching the Hand Village Lobby from Drane Street revealed completely blacked out windows with no possible way to see inside. In the lobby itself, the same black paper was hanging from the celling.

“This year we went with an asylum theme that I think turned out well,” junior Spanish major Alaina Davis said. “We started to prep the lobby around 3:30 p.m. and the only problem we had was blacking out the windows, but other that it has went very smooth with the set up.”

Some students were waiting to be let in at a side entrance of the second floor that led into the entrance of the building.

“I have been to a few haunted houses, but I cannot say that I am a fan of them, though,” sophomore Spanish major Jelesa Cokley said. “It is kind of a love-hate relationship with them because I get scared easily, but I kind of like the experience.”

Flashing lights and general horror sounds flooded the main floor as students gather to revel in the Halloween spirit

“My favorite part is just how much work the staff did to turn the lobby into an effective haunted house,” junior communications major Aleia Clemons said. “It was cool how the back areas were turned into a maze, and normally we are not allowed back there so it helped with the confusion.”