By MARLON SCOTT | Senior Staff Writer

Witnesses say several fights broke out in the Foy Fitness and Recreation Center Saturday, April 10. Those same witnesses admitted to cheering for the fighters and hoping for some knockouts. For the first time since its opening, the Foy was the site of several Mixed Martial Arts fights.

It was Fight Night at the Foy. The event was sanctioned by The International Sport Karate Association. It featured local fighters from several teams including the Clarksville Fight Club, Joey Brassell’s MMA, Team Wildside, Team Bushido and Team Gravity.

All the action took place inside an octagon set up in the basketball court area of the Foy Center. A large crowd turned out to see the local fighters stalk to the octagon with their theme music, smoke and flashing lights, and put on a good show. Although the show did have some highlights, it did not quite live up to its billing.

The program was scheduled to start at 7 p.m., but was delayed until almost 8 p.m. because of technical difficulties. In addition, the card that was promoted to feature at least 10 fights actually only had seven, and included a fighter who fought twice.

The biggest disappointment was the last fight of the night. This co-main event was a fight between Nate “The Train” Landwehr of Team Wildside against Latrell “Guard your Grill” Purdue for the 145 pound title.

Less than a minute into the contest, Purdue went down due to a low blow. He was allowed five minutes to try and continue. It took about three before he hopped up ready to continue fighting.

However, when the fight resumed, Purdue was quickly taken to the ground and the train delivers an illegal knee to Purdue’s back which stops the fight again.

After a consultation with the ring doctor, Purdue could not continue and the short fight was declared a no contest.

The other co-main event of the night was a much better battle between Team Wildside’s Adam Bland and Team Gravity’s Anthony “The Beast” Leonard. The close fight ended in the second round when Bland got Leonard’s back on the ground and forced him to tap out.

The most impressive performances were part of the short, five-fight under card.

The submission of the night had to go to Darren “Possum” Collins of Team Bushido. Sporting a tall, purple mohawk, Collins slapped a nasty armbar on his opponent to end the fight in the first round.

The fight of the night was a kick boxing match that went to a decision. Justin Valor had the crowd cheering as he landed punishing blows on his opponent who, to his credit, took the shots and kept coming. Valor won by unanimous decision. TAS