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Govs lose Sgt. York Trophy for 4th straight year

» By Marlon Scott – mscott@my.apsu.edu

With a win in their final game against Tennessee Tech, the Govs would have earned the Sgt. York Trophy for the first time since the series began in 2007. However, since they lost, the Govs remain the only team in the series yet to earn the trophy. Tennessee State won the Sgt. York Trophy for the third time. They were tied with Tennessee Tech, but won the tiebreaker because they defeated Tennessee Tech head-to-head.

2010 Stat Leaders

Jake Ryan: completed 107-212 for 1120 yards; 11 interceptions; seven touchdowns; 101.8 Avg/G

Terrence Holt: 146 for 793 yards; eight touchdowns; 50 longest; 72.1 Avg/G

Ryan White: 156 for 769 yards; four touchdowns; 63 longest; 69.9 Avg/G

Devin Stark : 19 for 253 yards; two touchdowns

Scott Thomas: 18 for 223 yards

Antwaun Majors: 84 tackles; one FF

Derrick Dillard: 84 tackles; 1.5 S; one FF

2011 Stat Leaders

Jake Ryan: completed136-256 for 1,478 yards; 15 interceptions; 12 touchdowns; 164.2 Avg/G

Ryan White: 236 for 1,100 yards; six touchdowns; 31 longest; 100 Avg/G

Wesley Kitts: 84 for 495 yards; two touchdowns; 37 longest; 45 Avg/G

Devin Stark : 53 for 627 yards; seven touchdowns

Scott Thomas: 28 for 299 yards; two touchdowns

Antwaun Majors: 88 tackles; two Int; 2 FF; one FR

Amius Smith: 80 tackles; 0.5 S; two FR; onew Saf

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