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John Murry and Domas Budrys face off during the APSU basketball practice at the NCAA tournament in Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday, March 16. STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER | THE ALL STATE

Governors hope for historic NCAA upset

“We have nothing to lose, and they have everything to lose,” junior guard Terrell Thompson said.

That sums up the attitude of APSU during this tournament run. After the Ohio Valley Conference tournament magic, the Govs have found themselves experiencing the royal treatment in Des Moines, Iowa.

After much time has passed, it would be natural for APSU’s momentum to have dropped.

According to sophomore guard Josh Robinson, the break has given the team a chance to heal injuries and soreness, but the Govs are still riding the wave of momentum after the OVC Tournament.

The big elephant in the room for APSU is that a No. 16 seed has never won a March Madness game in NCAA history. It is bound to happen one day, and APSU is hoping that day is tomorrow.

“It will definitely happen. It’s going to happen. Hopefully not in 2016, but it will happen,” Kansas Head Coach Bill Self said.

But, here’s what No. 16 seeds have never had: Chris Horton, Khalil Davis, Jared Savage or Josh Robinson.

Horton, the only senior on the Govs’ roster, led the Govs and the OVC in double-doubles, and was ranked No. 4 in the nation, above all Kansas players, according to the NCAA.

Savage almost broke the school record of three-pointers in a single game with his career high of eight 3-pointers in the OVC Championship.

“We made history at the OVC Tournament,” Davis said. “Who says we can’t make history as the No. 16 seed?”

Only time will tell when the Govs play the No. 1 overall, No. 1 in the south region and President Obama’s No. 1 pick to win the NCAA Tournament tomorrow, March 17 at 3 p.m.

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