Kaila Sewell | Staff Writer

Recently, the French government unveiled the world’s first ban on facial covering in public places, and despite a great deal of uprise from the Muslim community, they have begun enforcing this law.

The French have said they feel this ban is necessary to protect French culture and for safety purposes. They are also trying to fight what they call seperatist tendencies among the Muslim communities. The most interesting claim they have made is that they are trying to ensure the equality of the Muslim women in France.

While trying to sort this out in my mind, I have been forced to come to a single conclusion. All of these claims are contradictory. The French law has taken away the right to wear a veil, but are combatting protests by saying they are simply trying to ensure equality for every citizen, including Muslim women.

I guess they think everyone shouldn’t be allowed to wear whatever they want on their heads. Five arrests have already been made, but not because people have been wearing the veils.

Three men and two women have been arrested for protesting the new ban outside of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. They were cited with having been a part of an illegal gathering and if they were wearing veils, it was not reported in the article from the NYTimes. However, it was said the law is widely popular in France.

So what’s going to happen in America? I think we should go ahead and ban veils, but for different reasons than France. I think they should be banned for security purposes only, not to “ensure equality” by taking away rights.

We should worry about protecting ourselves. A veil does, in essence, make the security cameras that are so common essentially useless when it comes to our nation’s national safety. TAS