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Foy introduces 20-20-20 fitness program

By ANTHONY IRIZARRY | Assistant Features Editor

On the second floor of the Foy Fitness and Recreation Center, the walls echoed with the resounding cacophony of contemporary music and the laborious steps of the exercising crowd.

The room was packed with the spandex-clad campus legions of the fitness determined, each of them sweating profusely under the bright lights, limited ventilation and the muscle inducing strain that comes with the newly introduced cardio intensive 20-20-20 workout.

It was a large, humid room with mirrors set on both of its ends. Every exerciser had an aerobic step set in front of them and a light set of dumbbells.

“Bring that knee to your chest,” shouted trainer Jennifer Brady as everybody followed suit and propelled alternating knees high into their chests.

“Up, up, down, down,” Brady yelled across the room.

Early in the first half, they engaged in a diversity of routines, some of which included jumping jacks, rhythmic punching and alternating knee raises. When the first half ended, Brady urged them to take a break.

People moved hastily out of the exercise room for cool air while others staggered to their water bottles. “Ready, let’s go,” shouted Brady when the break ended, spurring the crowd into the high intensity workout again.

In the second half, they employed the use of an exercise rod.

They held the rod just above their knees, bent over slowly and brought the rod to their chest before dropping it again.

Afterward, the rod was combined for both squatting and skull-crushers.

After the session, Jennifer Brady spoke about the importance of the time interval concept of the 20-20-20 workout.

The 20-20-20 workout is comprised of three separate 20 minute intervals of cardio, strength training and abdominals.

“When people engage in certain workouts,” Brady elaborated, “usually they omit other parts of their body. The 20-20-20 workout’s concept is centered on a well-rounded fitness regime.”

“This makes sure that everyone is balanced and that they’re hitting all the right spots.”

“This is the first time that the Foy Recreational Center has introduced the workout,” Brady explained. Lauren Wilkinson, the Fitness Coordinator for the Center, helped introduce the workout and had urged Jennifer Brady to teach it.

The sessions take place every Sunday and Thursday night. Brady, still dripping sweat, remarked on the 20-20-20 debut, “The turnout for this was amazing, especially for a Sunday night.” TAS

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