The front halves of two of the Foy Fitness and Recreation Center’s basketball courts are currently out of commission due to water damage. On Thursday, March 24, at a 9 p.m. intramural indoor soccer match, a kicked soccer ball hit a sprinkler.

“It basically burst a pipe. And [the sprinkler] doesn’t turn off until the reserve is empty,” said David Davenport, director of the Foy Fitness and Recreation Center. In 40 minutes, about 600 gallons of reserve water emptied onto the wooden floors of the front ends of courts B and C.

Because the water expanded and buckled the wood, humidifiers and pumps have been attached to a plastic covering to humidify the damaged area and pump the excess water into bins.

“This is about a two week process. And there is [still] three inches of water under the floor,” Davenport said. “After [the two weeks], all of the wood has to come out. That’s three layers and cement. The repairs should be done by the end of June if we are lucky.”

The estimated repair costs will start at $125,000.

“We have had soccer games in the gym for four years and this is the first time this has happened,” said Anne Perrault, interim coordinator of Facilities, but to prevent a second occurrence, there has been talk of using softer soccer balls during games.

Activities still continue despite the damage. Because the water damaged the front halves of courts B and C, there is still access to the back halves.

But for the time being, all intramural activities are held on court A.

With two courts out of commission, user numbers have decreased, but despite the loss in numbers, “people have been pretty understanding, especially once they see the courts,” Perrault said.
The damage also affects future events. There is uncertainty as to whether summer camps usually housed at the Foy will take place there. TAS