Only three weeks remain in the regular season of The All State fantasy league and the fight for the top spot is building in intensity. Only two games separate the top team from the bottom. In addition, four of the six teams were tied going into week 10. Everyone sees the finish line ahead and is feeling the pressure to win.

“The margin for errors is closing fast. This could get ugly. I love ugly,” Marlon Scott said. “By the way, Rook, I beat you so bad last week Rodney King said ‘Damn!’”

“I must say you absolutely bludgeoned me this week. It wasn’t even a contest. My team sucked worse than I could have ever imagined,” David Scherer said. “But, I would like to refer to you as LeBron James my friend. Because all that you’re going to do is win in the regular season. I’m like K.G. and my Celtics. I’m going to make it count come postseason!”

Week 10 Matchups

The rest of the league has thoroughly enjoyed Scherer, TheRook, losing the last two weeks. However, the losing streak did not extend to three in a row. Scherer took down Devon’s The G.O.O.D. Team 147.72-102.5 and improved to 7-3.

Anthony Shingler was in second place with a chance to take the lead if Scherer loses this week. Instead, Scherer won and Shingler may pick up the loss. As of press time, Shingler’s team, Falconcoach1, trailed Scott’s Foolkillers 128.38-94.4. Shingler still has a chance with two players left to play while Scott only has one remaining. However, Scott is confident he is getting the win this week.

“Sorry coach, your about to get treated like a water boy. Go get me some Gatorade,” Scott said.

This week marked the third time David Davenport and Joe Mills faced each other. They had beaten each other once and this was the tiebreaker. Mills needs a lot of points from his last three players to catch up with Davenport. Davenport is sitting comfortably with an 85-point lead.


Scherer’s win keeps him at number one for another week. If Scott and Davenport win, they will be in a three-way tie with Shingler at 5-5, two games behind Scherer. Shingler could earn the second spot with the highest point total of the three. Losses by Robinson and Mills will put them at the bottom with matching 4-6 records. Ironically, Robinson could end up in fifth place, one step up above last place, despite earning the most points in the league.