Jenelle Gewell | News Editor

Wedgies, swirlies and name calling are all stereotypical behaviors of grade school bullies. But isolating, gossiping and ridiculing are all behaviors of female bullying.

Bullying does not stop in grade school. Instead of physical blows, adult females dole out emotional blows. Women not only enjoy tearing each other down but also tend to turn a cold shoulder and build animosity.

Insecurities may be the root of the problem. When one feels insecure, a weak person belittles someone else to feel better. With the media sending the message to be perfect a woman must have glowing skin, sleek tresses and be a size two with curves, women’s confidence seems to be at a low.

Bringing down another woman does not seem to be the only way most women make themselves feel better, but it also seems to be the norm. Take a look at popular shows such as the “Real Housewives” series. The women on the show bond while talking trash about another woman.

In fact, most reality shows portray women gossiping and being two-faced to one another because of personal gain, jealousy or anger. “Ten years of reality programming has eliminated virtually all traces of strong female friendships,” said Jennifer Pozner, media critic and author.

Another characteristic of the women on reality television is the absence of maturity when dealing with problems. Rachel Simmons, an expert on female aggression, said, “For women and girls, relationships are a source of solace and power.”

Unlike the quick blow and few angry words of a fight between men, a fight between women will continue because of lack of communication. A woman will ridicule and be catty to achieve a similar result.

The terrible thing about these behaviors is the bullying is starting at a young age. Girls in middle school are emotionally abusing each other and find the ridicule delightful.

The ability for females to bully is becoming easier and wider spread with the use of social networking sites. Posts making fun of other females are common in news feeds. The ridicule will quickly reach a larger audience and the effects may be irreversible.

Ladies, please grow up and stop this. Be mature and face the friend who made you upset. Being emotionally cruel is not fair to any party and only adds stress. If you don’t feel confident, remind yourself of reasons you are beautiful, successful and unique. TAS