We all know the story behind the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. It has broken every news stand, television show and Internet post.

The story of Tom Brady and the Patriots’ deflated balls has rightfully become a nationwide story. The Patriots arguably have the best quarterback in the game with Tom Brady. Yes, I just said that even though I’m a Broncos fan. Now of course, he isn’t better then the man himself, Peyton Manning, but that’s a different story to tell.

How many times have you been able to cheat on a test and been able to get away with it? We all have done it, most likely more than once.

This is the second time not only Tom Brady has been caught, but the Patriots have been caught with cheating.

People will say the Patriots have become the best franchise in the NFL because of their dominance in the past century. However, what Bob Craft and the rest of the franchise has done to change everything around is remarkable from a business stand point.

Everyone looks up to the almighty Tom Brady, yet two of his four Super Bowl rings have been in a season where he has been caught cheating.

I believe that’s the main reason behind fining the New England Patriots and taking away some draft picks and their beloved star. When asked before the Super Bowl if Brady, Kraft or Belichick had any knowledge of the balls being deflated, they all denied it.

I know for certain Belichick had something to do with it, but he knows how to not get caught unlike good ol’ Brady. Brady lied. Brady lied to the media, the fans, the Colts and most importantly enough Rodger Goodell.

The reason why Goodell cracked the whip so hard on them is because he knew they had cheated and tried to get out of it because they are the Patriots and they think they can.

I’m not much of a fan of Goodell, but he has handled this situation 100 percent accordingly. The Patriots deserve what Goodell sent to them which he should have done the first time in the Spygate Scandal.

What I don’t understand is why he would cheat when his offense is the best in the NFL. We all knew going into the AFC championship that New England was going to pull it out, we just didn’t expect it by the outcome of the score. Why cheat, Tom? Why do it knowing you have the better time? It makes no sense to me.

Tom Brady now serves a four game suspension due to deflating his footballs. I can vouch on either side with the four game suspension being too much, but he does deserve a suspension. Ironically enough, if Brady’s suspension doesn’t get appealed and he serves the four games, his first game played during the season will be against no one other then the Indianapolis Colts, and I bet both sides can’t wait to match up against each other.

Being as I am a Broncos fan, this may be a little biased and I’m glad Brady is getting everything that’s been handled his way. If he wouldn’t have lied in the first place, who knows where the situation may be today. Brady wanted his Super Bowl and that’s what he got. So the NFL is giving everybody else what they want and that’s a suspended Tom Brady.

This hurts Brady’s legacy more than you realize. No other player in the history of the NFL as good as Brady has been suspended. People who are still going to say that Brady is the best quarterback of all time, no. You are incorrect. If Brady didn’t get caught deflating the balls, his legacy wouldn’t even be a question. However, he will still be in the Hall Of Fame and yes; he will go down as one of the best.