»Jenelle Grewell – jgrewell@my.apsu.edu

Donkey or elephant? Left or right? Liberal or Conservative? Democrat or Republican?

Our country is politically divided between Democrats and Republicans, and it has been since the 19th century.

There is an obvious glaring problem with this divide. Most things in life are not black and white, just as the needs and politics of Americans are not blue and red.

Life has shades of gray and our government should essentially be shades of purple. When I turn on my television to view coverage of the upcoming presidential election, I see analysts either completely trashing a candidate or putting one on a pedestal.

Further viewing of the network shows an extreme bias towards the left or the right and a refusal to consider anything the other side says as valid.

When I open my Facebook page it is steadily getting more crowded with jabs and shots taken at one political side or the other. It is very rare for me to see a Facebook friend post something positive/negative about both parties.

My patience is wearing thin with the childish display of ignorance and intolerance. Why can’t voters and politicians have open minds to more than one solution or policy?

Why do voters blindly follow what a politician says because of that politician’s party affiliation?

Why are voters and politicians so intolerant of ideas from parties aside from their own?

This intolerance is counterproductive to our country. When the government almost shut down this year because Congress couldn’t come to an agreement on the national budget, it showed an obvious failure in the bi-partisan government.

Not only does this show a failure in our system, it shows a failure to accurately represent the American public.

Based on discussions I had with people I go to school and worked with, who were in danger of losing their jobs due to the government shut down, we were all in favor of Congress just coming up with any solution.

No one wanted the government to shut down and everyone was exhausted from the bi-partisan disagreements.

I think if Democrat and Republican politicians and voters can stop with their childish intolerant behavior, they may be able to better represent us and help our nation.

If a Democrat and a Republican could sit down and discuss solutions and admit both sides have legitimate points without resorting to childish mockery or name calling, then maybe they could compromise and actually get something done.

Maybe if our politicians start being more purple, more voters will feel represented and actually vote. Our country would be more unified. TAS