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UPDATE: CPD Investigating shots fired near APSU

By Emily DeSpain

Staff Writer


Clarksville Police are currently investigating a report of shots fired in Lincoln Homes. Police responded to the call at 2:45 p.m. on June 4, 2014.

According to a university wide email from APSU Police Chief Michael J. Kasitz, CPD has two suspects in custody at this time.

If you have any information about this, please contact the Clarksville Police Department at (931) 552-9265.

Kasitz recommends the following safety precautions:

•       Immediately report suspicious persons loitering around university facilities.
•       If you become the victim of a crime, do not try to physically detain or apprehend the suspect.  Report the incident immediately to the APSU Police Department at 911 or (931) 221-7786.
•       Always walk/jog/bike in groups in well-lit and well traveled areas.  If you do not wish to walk alone, you can request an escort from the APSU Police Department.
•       Scan the area before you exit or approach your vehicle/building and when you proceed between sites.
•       Have your key/access card ready in hand to quickly access the door of your vehicle/building.
•       If strangers approach, maintain a distance and be observant.  If they are in a vehicle, get the license plate number, if possible.
•       Lock doors and windows of your room/building.  Do not prop open doors or let strangers in.


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