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Meet the Staff

Editor-In-Chief: Ashley Thompson: athompson61@my.apsu.edu

Editorial Board:

News Editor: Joseph A. Palmer (Multimedia): jpalmer1@my.apsu.edu

Assistant News Editor: Joann Morales-Acosta: jmorales8@my.apsu.edu

News Staff:

Staff Writers: Courtney McCormick: cmccormick5@my.apsu.edu (Copy Editor), Lauren Maurice: lmaurice@my.apsu.edu, Maisie Williams: mwilliams137@my.apsu.edu, Victoria Bolkcom: vbolkcom@my.apsu.edu, Justin Randall: jrandall4@my.apsu.edu

Features Editor: Chase Gozy: cgozy@my.apsu.edu

Assistant Features Editor: Jordan Potenza: jpotenza@my.apsu.edu

Features Staff:

Senior Staff Writer: Lauren (Juno) Von Palko: lvonpalko1@my.apsu.edu

Staff WriterJeralyn Johnson: jjohnson279@my.apsu.edu

Perspectives Editor: Kamea Ferguson: kferguson13@my.apsu.edu

Perspectives Staff:

Staff Writers: Jordan Potenza: jpotenza@my.apsu.edu, Briana Robinson: Brobinson21@my.apsu.edu, Demetrius Hobbs: dhobbs6@my.apsu.edu, Courtney McCormick: cmccormick5@my.apsu.edu, Kelsey Story: kstory2@my.apsu.edu, Ivy MacDaniel: imacdaniel@my.apsu.edu

Sports Editor: Noah Houck (Managing Editor): nhouck1@my.apsu.edu

Sports Staff:

Senior Sports Writer: Riley Grubbs: rgrubbs1@my.apsu.edu

Senior Sports Writer: Trey Chrystak: tchrystak@my.apsu.edu

Photo EditorJoann Morales-Acosta: jmorales8@my.apsu.edu

Photography Staff: Chase Gozy: cgozy@my.apsu.edu, Courtney McCormick: cmccormick5@my.apsu.edu, Valerie Linares: vlinares1@my.apsu.edu, Jeralyn Johnson: jjohnson279@my.apsu.edu

Graphic Designers: 

Senior Graphic Designer: Shania Green: sgreen39@my.apsu.edu

Graphic DesignerIvy MacDaniel: imacdaniel@my.apsu.edu


Staff Adviser:

Patrick Armstrong
Coordinator of Student Publications


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